New version of the Vendor Rating App available

by | Oct 23, 2021 | News

With this update of the Vendor Rating App, any number of categories can be defined and rated. These can be weighted differently according to the customer’s wishes.
Evaluate your suppliers consistently and per delivery order. With this extension you rate each order between 0 – stars and 5 – stars. The supplier’s overall rating is calculated based on the individual ratings

KTC has released an important update for its vendor rating app in MS AppSource. The app, which enables companies to evaluate the performance and reliability of their suppliers, has been expanded to include free categories to provide even more comprehensive data and analysis.

The update includes a variety of new features, including enhanced evaluation criteria, improved data visualization and a simpler user interface. Companies can now access more detailed information about their suppliers’ performance, including delivery times, product quality and customer service. The improved data visualization allows users to compare the performance of their suppliers at a glance and identify trends over time.

“We are proud to release this important update to our vendor rating app,” said Peter Steffek, CEO of KTC. “Our customers rely on us to provide them with the best tools to manage their supply chains effectively. These improvements will enable our customers to make even better decisions and improve their business relationships.”
The app offers an effective way to evaluate supplier performance and identify problems in the supply chain. With this update, KTC strives to provide its customers with even better ways to optimize their supply chains and improve their business relationships.