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Our consulting services are supported by selected products. You receive these products and support directly from. One contact person, one service provider who takes responsibility and accompanies you.

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Own products in MS Appsource

Business Central KTC test instance


Save documents from Business Central directly in SharePoint

Integrate your SharePoint into your Business Central (SAAS) environment. Metadata
are automatically added from document information and dimensions. This
The document is then stored in your company SharePoint as a PDF.

Price: from €2.00 per user/month*


Manage your contracts directly in Business Central

With ContractPlus, you can keep an eye on your contracts and terms in Business Central
and settle them automatically. Recurring sales and purchasing documents
are created automatically and can be processed in a batch.

Price: from €4.00 per user/month*

Contract SharePoint Connector

Access your contracts stored in SharePoint directly. This combines ContractPlus with SharePopintPlus.

This extension requires SharePointPlus and ContractPlus.

Price: free of charge

Products from Microsoft

Microsoft Office 365

Productivity redefined – We increase your productivity!

Microsoft Power Platform

The “low-code” solution for Office365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and for desktop applications.

Power BI

Unify data from a variety of sources to create interactive, comprehensive dashboards and reports that deliver valuable insights and drive business.

Power Automate

Integrate powerful workflow automation capabilities directly into your apps with a no-code approach that connects to hundreds of popular apps and services.

Power Apps

Easily develop mobile and web-based applications for any business need with Power Apps – even without technical knowledge or development experience.

Power Virtual Agents

Easily develop chatbots to chat with your customers and employees – without any programming effort.

Power Pages

Quickly create and launch custom low-code business websites – unify your data and connect customers to important information and services.

We develop at enterprise level, inlk. Azure AD authentication and authorization.

Products from other solution partners

Business Central KTC test instance


Bitwarden is a password manager that allows users to securely store and manage their login data. It offers functions such as the automatic filling in of login data and the generation of secure passwords. Bitwarden is cross-platform and can be used on different devices and operating systems. Secure passwords are the basis for data security.

Price: from €5.00 per user/month*


Bitdefender is a powerful and reliable antivirus software that offers a high level of protection against malware and other threats. It uses advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and block threats at an early stage. Bitdefender is user-friendly and also offers additional functions such as VPN and password manager.
Price: from €4.00 per user/month*


Veracode is the leading provider of source code analysis and application security and offers you the following advantages:

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST): Automated identification and elimination of security flaws through integration into your build pipeline
  • WebApp Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST): Scalability, speed and accuracy.
  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA) – Identification of risks in Open Source.

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